‘My God, my songs, my life as a gospel artiste for 30 years’


Simply known as BISI ADUNBARIN, She is a prophetic song minister, full time gospel artiste. She started the 1st Bata Gospel in Nigeria Church. Thirty years now in Gospel Song as a child of God. She dances with horsetail and Bata drums. She sings in different tongues (language). She started singing at the age of two but met the Lord and got saved in 1988. She ministers at Christian conferences, churches, seminar and crusade. A graduate of English Language from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, she had a breakthrough as she ministered at the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s 1998 Holy Ghost Special Congress. Since then, she has travelled to several countries in Africa, Asia, Caribbean countries and the US to minister in songs and music.

You hold a degree in English Language, but your life is about the gospel. Why?

The degree in English Language is a platform, provides me with basic knowledge. It was just like Esther. Being a Queen in the palace for her a platform to save Jews from being exterminated by their enemies. My education equips me with the capacity to communicate well in the society. I started as a soloist, ministering with tambourine only. Now, I’m God’s choicest vessel to give the Kings of Kings special delicacies and pleasure every time.

As an undergraduate, you were a campus sensation for Christ. How did you cope, especially when young men would be all over you because of your smashing beauty?

Philipians 3:3 says we should not put our confidence in human efforts. Therefore, Jesus is my first love and that love became the driving force in me to win souls through music. In the beginning, I had dreams to become a superstar in Theatre Arts and newscaster on television, but Jesus took over my life and showed me more impactful purpose in Him. The zeal of the Lord has propelled me to do all I have done over these years. How I coped? His love in me started in my closet before the outside performance. Three things inspired me – to worship Him, to win souls for Him, and to see Him and reign with Him eternally. These became a do-or-die affair for me. I was so zealous while on campus that men with polluted motives did not dare to come near me. If he does so, I would be on my knees for him to be saved, till I see it happened.

You sang at the RCCG. How does it feel to belong to a mass choir or lead singer before such a mammoth crowd at the Redemption Camp?

Yes, I am a member of RCCG but not in the mass choir member. I went with my aunt to a programme organised by a royal father in 1997 when the Lord gave me the song
Momopewa Mo Mu Yin Waoo…
Gbope …
Gbope Sir!!!.
It means, ‘I’m offering my praise and thanksgiving, receive it, Sir.’

The choir invited to that programme disappointed them, and that created the opportunity for me to minister. Daddy and Mummy Adeboye attended that programme where as I ministered the song for the first time. It was a new song that was offered to God. When I wrote the song I did not know it was such a special delicacy to him. The presence of the Lord was mighty and that was where the Lord opened the doors.
Daddy and Mummy asked me to come and minister at the Lekki 98 Holy Ghost Congress where I was the lead singer for African Praise in Yoruba (Bata Dance). I did the special performance along with the headquarters choir Ebute Meta. I did that continuously for 14 years, from 1998 to 2012.
But it was all by the Grace of God, my brother. Grace and mercies are all I see and feel. Before the ministration the lord had been preparing me for an assignment, so I was chosen as a vessel for Lekki 98 Holy Ghost Congress by His mercies. Singing before a small or plenty crowd all has not been about me. It is about Jesus and His desire for His church at such programmes. I am blessed when I’m able to deliver according to His “pattern”. In the last 30 years, I have learnt two things. God gives glory and He is a God of vengeance. He does not outsource any of these to anyone else.

How do you cope with family life and ministry?

It’s all by the amazing grace of God. His grace enables me to cope with various challenges in life and ministry. There are written patterns for family in Christ and written pattern guiding ministry.
You’re marking 30 years in ministry. What are the significant developments over this period?
I’m marking my involvement in ministry from 1988 to 2018. The most outstanding development for me is the years of training in the School of the Holy Ghost character formation. I discovered that in this kingdom I belong to, God as Father and King has taste, preferences, principles and that culture that guide the preparation of such delicacies. You know, praise is God’s food. What has kept me going all these years is His presence. Closeness to Jesus has been the most outstanding development is my life. I maintain my relationship with Him in the secret place as stipulated in Psalm 91 1-2. He has made me a woman of one thing – praise and worship. All song and ministrations are centred on the Bible, Jesus, the gospel. That is why my songs are original, direct form His throne, no copy-copy. I have a good conscience. I forgive easily. I have also enjoyed God’s divine supplies. I am humble. In fact, humility, holiness and purity are non-negotiable in this ministry. We have been able to produce audio and video CDs. Also, the Lord has opened doors for us to minister in the United States and the Caribbean. There was a remarkable development in 2014. There was an assignment the Lord allowed me to participate in in Lagos for seven weeks. From that programme, he spoke to me that it was time to go to the USA. I had not been desperate to travel out of the country to minister or to do other things. I only wanted to go if God was the one opening the door for me.
So a month after the programme, I was chatting with a pastor-missionary on Facebook jokingly. He asked when I would visit the USA and I replied by saying as soon as he invited me. He just replied that he was inviting me there to minister at one of their programmes. Later, he sent a letter of invitation to me. That was how I went to the United States to minister. It was actually the beginning of a series of visits to minister in the US. On each occasion all my expenses were paid for. I have learnt that even without physical cash God will always meet our own needs. Blessed be his Holy name. I learnt that in His time, He makes all things beautiful. Ecclesiastics 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” From all indications, the future is bright by God’s grace. We are facing a future where the voice of dilution, pollution in gospel songs will be silenced. We’ll begin to sing inspiring songs like in the days of old when contemporary hymns were composed; even the scripture union songs which had with greater authority will take over the stage as we prepare for a mighty harvest in readiness for Jesus’ return.
You may have passed through tough times. What spiritual words have kept you going?
The only way I keep going is by refusing the give attention to the devil. When you give him attention, he gives you deduction. Bible scholars have said there are 365 ‘fear not’ in the Bible, so I take one capsule of ‘fear not’ per day. That’s how I keep trudging on. In Acts 20:24, Apostle Paul says, “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” My life is actually nothing. I aim to do that which the Lord has called me to do in the furtherance of the gospel.


Who among you children have taken after you in terms of gospel music?

I’m blessed with Godly seeds. My children are in the Lord. My biological and spiritual children are actually worshippers of the living God.

What is your plan for the future? What are your dreams?

My plan is to set up a music school and studio that will promote songs composed from the undiluted word of God. I would like to teach youths, worshippers Bible approved music, drum instruments and songs that can profit the kingdom. I also have a vision to establish a motherless home that will care for the less-privilege and do all sorts of care giving and guidance and counselling activities for the youths and women facing life’s many challenges. The centre will emphasize discipleship. My dream is to be the best for God; to do everything according to His pattern; to preach the gospel with songs and music from one part of the world to another.


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